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Our intent is to instil a passion for books and love of reading for every child from the start of their journey at Lord Street. Every child should be a confident decoder with a maturing understanding and passion for books by the end of KS1. We build upon this fluency by focussing on further improving comprehension and language in KS2. We intend to develop confident readers that continue to develop a love of books which educate, challenge and enthral them throughout their time at Lord Street and beyond.



At Lord Street we use Scarborough’s Reading Rope to rationalise the teaching of reading. This includes the discrete teaching of decoding (mainly throughout KS1- Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised) and through language comprehension to develop confident readers.

The teaching of reading comprehension is based upon evidence from FFTs ‘Reciprocal Reading Models’ and adapted to suit a whole class model. All staff employ the structure, vocabulary and progression of learning that RR advises. However, how it looks in class will depend upon the age of the children. All classes have reading lessons based upon book talk in the structure of RR and all children have access to the lessons and have support for decoding where needed.  Children have access to high quality texts that ensure breadth and progression both across the year and across the key stages.



Assessment points three times per year allow teachers to analyse effectiveness of teaching and learning and plan for next steps and gaps alongside measuring attainment against national benchmarks to judge progress. Questionnaires and pupil discussion inform impact of attitudes towards to reading.  Most children will be at ARE in KS1 and KS2 and leave school with a growing passion for reading for pleasure.



Find out below how we teach early reading

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Our EYFS reading bookshelves for Autumn 

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Additional information can be found below on how we are teaching reading at Lord Street

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