Lord Street, Colne, Lancashire BB8 9AR



Lord Street Primary School

Learning to be the best we can be.


At Lord Street we are all authors! We write about anything: from stories about mysterious spaceships landing in the school yard or Victorian adventures, to reports on the rainforests or persuasive letters on election day! We are always writing. From this school year any writing that we are able to do completely on our own we are going to put in a special book, so that we can show off our abilities and can be proud to show visitors ‘Look what we can do.’

At Lord Street writing is taught as part of a unit if work that starts with immersing ourselves in a genre, for example, reading lots of adventure stories. We then have a practise at writing a story (with help from teachers and peers) before we have a go at writing one on our own. Where possible teachers always try to provide children with a ‘real’ context for writing e.g. a story for younger children.

Alongside this we also teach spelling, grammar, and handwriting to allow our children to become confident and fluent writers.