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At Lord Street Primary School, we believe Mathematics is an important skill which equips children with an essential set of tools to succeed in the world. These are logical thinking, problem solving and the ability to think in abstract ways.


At Lord Street Primary School, we believe children learn better through fun, exciting and challenging Maths. We are committed to enabling all children to achieve mastery in the key concepts of Mathematics appropriate for their age group. Children who grasp concepts quickly are challenged through rich problems which deepen their thinking. Children who need more support will spend longer using a range of concrete and visual materials to ensure their understanding is secure. We use the National Curriculum as a basis for our Mathematics and we aim to have reasoning and problem solving as a thread which runs through all our Maths teaching. Also, through our Learning Challenge Curriculum we aim to enhance children’s Mathematical understanding and experience further by tackling real-life problems and examples.


In school the children are encouraged to use two particular websites to improve their knowledge and understanding and we would like them to continue to use these at home too if possible.

Hit The Button


My Maths


The children will receive  a parent letter with logon details for My Maths and their homework will sometimes be in their file for them to complete, along side other booster packs and maths work.


Useful Online Maths Activities


We make a lot of use of online maths games and activities in school.  Some of the links below are our most popular.


Why not try some of them out and let us know what you think…?

Why should I play maths games with my child?


Children make progress best as mathematicians when they regularly repeat skills and practise them until they become embedded.  This can be quite a long process sometimes, and so the use of the context of an exciting game or interesting activity can be highly motivating.  In our experience, our children learn best when they are having fun and that's what games are for!


  • Primary GamesYou'll find all sorts of maths content here, all presented as engaging games and challenges.
  • Maths ZoneAnother collection of games and activities across the full range of curriculum content, mostly appropriate to our KS2 pupils.
  • TopmarksLots of fun games to play with children of all ages!

Internet-based Activities relating to Number and Place Value

Internet-based Games relating to Times Tables Practice


  • A BBC website with all maths topics
  • BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths
  • BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths
  • BBC Digger and the GangDigger and the Gang literacy and numeracy activities aimed at 5 - 7 year olds
  • BBC NumbertimeNumber Time activities which support the Numeracy Framework for Reception and Year 1
  • CoolmathMaths games website for pupils with links to lots of other sister websites such as coolmaths4kids.com
  • ICT gamesFun and exciting maths and literacy games available.
  • KS1 Maths skills15 interactive activities covering a range of mathematical skills, aimed at children in Years 1 and 2
  • KS2 revision websiteThere are parent and pupil information sections – click on the maths link on the left hand side - some resources are free but a login and password need to be set up to access the majority of resources
  • MAD 4 MathsFun maths games for children and advice section for parents - good for higher ability KS1 children and times table practise!
  • Math PlaygroundA U.S educational site with some great games. Try out ‘Pumpkin Multiples!!
  • Maths ZoneUseful website with hundreds of links to other websites – most resources are for KS2 with some for KS3
  • TopmarksLots of fun games to play with children of all ages! Try ‘Hit the Button’!
  • Super Maths WorldMaths games website aimed at mostly KS2 pupils – pupils can log in as a guest or create an account
  • Who wants to be a MathonaireAn innovative site that includes the classic game – ‘Who wants to be a Mathonaire? with Chris Tangent!
  • Woodlands- juniorUseful website for KS2 pupils to practise some key skills in maths