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Lord Street Primary School

Community, Ownership, Respect and Excellence

Curriculum Intent


The Pennine trust aims to ‘Innovate, Include and Inspire’ our community to make sure that ‘No one gets left behind’

At Lord Street we expect our community to ‘Be the Best they can Be’.

Our curriculum is designed to support our children in achieving these aims.


It is based on the programmes of study from the 2014 national curriculum and builds children’s knowledge and skills over units of work and over time. Each subject is taught discreetly around key concepts which we call ‘Big Ideas’. The big ideas are concepts that children will continue to develop as they learn over time. Topics within subjects are designed to be relevant to our children and to help them develop an understanding of the world they live in at a local, national and global level.

We have planned a range of experiences that help them understand the historical and contemporary culture of the United Kingdom. We aim to support their development of ‘cultural capital’ through their vocabulary, the choice of books they read, the curriculum topics taught and the experiences we give them. This will ensure that they are able to access, and build on, learning as they move from one phase of education to the next and have a real love of learning.


We use a mastery approach to teaching using small steps progression with opportunities to deepen understanding. Our children are challenged to learn from misconceptions and mistakes as well as through success.


We offer a wide range of opportunities beyond the classroom. These change regularly but include after school clubs like the choir, our drama clubs and a range of sports clubs as well as dance. We even have a model making club in KS2. Children take part in the Shakespeare for Schools project and perform at the Burnley Mechanics. A range of different sports are offered including the summer term sailing!


We have an active school council and children who take on responsibilities across school. We also take part in community engagement projects as well as fundraising for local, national and global charities. These are designed to enhance pupils’ learning experiences, form personal connections between pupils, their peers and their community, and teach skills essential for life after school.


 This complements our children’s personal development. Our curriculum provides equal opportunities for all. PSHE, underpins the ethos behind our curriculum. Learning how to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Please find attached a slightly longer version of the intent.

 Intent Document