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The National Curriculum

The School Curriculum

 The English National Curriculum

The Government introduced a new National Curriculum in September 2014. This page has links to pdf files for the whole document and for the content we have to teach at each age range in school. We use this as the basis for the school curriculum. You can find our long term and medium term plans on the school curriculum page.


The National Curriculum School documents are grouped into the year group teams we use in school -  Key Stage One (Year 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage Two (Year 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6). They are grouped as English, Maths, Science, Computing and then Arts and Humanities. 


The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum for England

Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6)

The English Curriculum Year 5 and 6

The Maths Curriculum Year 5 and 6

The Science Curriculum Year 5 and 6

Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4)

The English Curriculum Year 3 and 4

The Maths Curriculum Year 3 and 4

The Science Curriculum Year 3 and 4                 

Key Stage 2

Arts Subjects

Key Stage Two Humanities Curriculum

Modern Foreign Languages (French)

Computing Curriculum 

Key Stage One

The English Curriculum year 1 and 2

The Maths Curriculum Year 1 and 2

The Science Curriculum Year 1 and 2

Arts Subjects

Humanities Subjects

Computing Curriculum