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Pupil Premium

As you may be aware the Government decided to allocate an additional fund to support those children in schools who come from the most deprived backgrounds. The allocation is called the Pupil Premium and was targeted at those children who were receiving free school meals in its first year of operation and those children who were on free school meals or had been in the last six years.
The school receives an additional allocation of money for each child and the value has increased each year. The use of free school meals is an easy indicator of the income of households and those who receive it tend to be the most deprived in society which is why the Government have chosen to use it.

We are required to publish a brief outline of our spending against the pupil premium so that you can see how it is used to support children and give them equal access to all we offer. We have attached a more detailed document showing our plans for the next academic year and will add a summary of the progress made by our pupil premium children at the end of this year.


In our school 39% of pupils are eligible for the Pupil Premium. If you think your child might be able eligible then please follow the link below.


The Spending Plan for 2017-18 is attached


2017-2018 Spending Plan


These next two links show how we spent  the Pupil Premium grant in the last two years. 

2016-2017 Spending Review

2015-2016 Spending Review