Lord Street, Colne, Lancashire BB8 9AR



Lord Street Primary School

Learning to be the best we can be.

Our Vision

Lord Street School believes that all children are equally important and that all should be given an education that allows them to 'be the best they can'. We want our school to be a place which enthuses, inspires and motivates children to achieve their potential and excel.

We are part of the Pennine Trust and their ethos and values are shared by school along with their  aim  to:

  • Include
  • Inspire
  • Innovate 

To achieve this we will work with you, other schools and professionals to make sure that each child gets the support they need. We will work with you and them to make sure that they understand that if they believe in themselves, work hard and learn from their mistakes that they can achieve amazing things.


Our aims:

  • To provide the highest standard of education,
  • To provide a safe learning environment,
  • To make learning inspirational and fun, giving our children a love of learning,
  • To enable and encourage children to aspire and dream,
  • To develop children’s self-belief and confidence,
  • To encourage children to question and take risks,
  • To develop perseverance and resilience,
  • To individualise learning,
  • To help children develop effective social skills which will help them to become 21st Century learners,
  • To equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to  take their place in the wider world.