Our Curriculum

The National Curriculum page shows you what we have to teach each year. It sets out all the teaching that takes place over the year and is the basis for all the work we do with your children.

This page of the website is intended to give you more detailed information about what we teach in school.  The links below will take you to each year groups half termly topic letters .



This chart shows our curriculum plan for each year group and the topics we plan to teach, what we will be teaching and when. 


It might be that from time to time we change some of these activities. If you want to see the enhancement activities we plan to offer then check the key events calendar.

We hope that you will use this information to help you work with your child at home. 


If the information you want is not here then please contact school to ask for it. You should talk to either Mrs Craig, Curriculum Leader, or Duncan Hetherington, Head Teacher.

Reception                                                                   Year 1 Autumn 1 2018 Newsletter.pdf                                                               Year 2 Autumn 1 Newsletter.pdf                                     Year 3 Autumn 1 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Year 4 Autumn 1 2018 Newsletter.pdf