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    Lord Street Primary



    Our aim at Lord Street Primary School is to encourage children to become historians for life by developing an appreciation and understanding of the past. We want our children to develop skills which build over time to help them expand their knowledge of history. We believe that high quality history lessons inspire children to want to know more about the past and its influence on the world of today.

    We want our children to have a clear historical perspective on key events and people from their local community, the region, the country and the world and to be able to apply this knowledge to understand why people behaved in the way they did and how it might affect the world today and its choices. We want our history curriculum to be accessible for all, and in turn maximise outcomes for each child.

    Our children will develop the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, and interpretation through the use of primary and secondary sources.


    History will be taught as a standalone subject in both key stage one and key stage two. The topics to be taught for each year group are outlined in the History curriculum plan attached.

    Consideration has been given to ensure progression throughout each year group across the school. Progression is shown against three key milestones - at the end of year two, year four and year six.

    Our teaching aims to help our children develop the four 'Big Ideas' or key concepts that all historians are constantly developing! They are on the road to being the new 'Indiana Jones'!

    They are:

    • Communicate historically
    • Understanding Chronology
    • Overview of world history
    • Investigating and interpreting the past

    By the time they leave they should be able to talk with real understanding about history in our area, our country and across the world. We should be able to see that they can make links between these areas and different eras. They should be able to talk knowledgeably about the lives of people, everyday people as well as famous ones, in this context.


    We measure the impact of our curriculum through the evidence we have of children's achievements against our milestones. All our judgements are made by teachers and checked against the judgements of other school staff as well as our colleagues across the Pennine Trust schools.