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Lord Street Primary

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

 Lord Street School believes that all children are equally important and that all should be given an education that allows them to have ambition and opportunities they would not find anywhere else.  The learning environment creates a thirst for learning in all pupils which enthuses, inspires and motivates children to achieve their potential and are set up for their future. 

Our CORE values are deeply embedded into all areas of school life and encourage children to look after our community, take ownership of our behaviour and actions, respect each other and demonstrate excellence in all we do. 

We are part of the Pennine Trust and their ethos and values are shared by school along with their aim to: 

  • Include 

  • Inspire 

  • Innovate  

To achieve this, we work to ensure no child is left behind.  By working alongside external agencies, this ensures that all children receive the relevant support they need to thrive. 


Our aims

  • Develop a curriculum that is knowledge rich and broad and balanced 

  • To provide leadership opportunities 

  • To build confidence, perseverance and resilience 

  • To provide a safe learning environment 

  • Develop a love of learning 

  • To enable and encourage children to become ambitious 

  • Instil confidence where children are asking questions and taking risks 

  • To individualise learning 

  • To help children develop effective social skills which will help them to become 21st Century learners 

  • To equip everyone with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to take their place in the wider world