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    Lord Street Primary

    Personal Development

    Our vision at Lord Street Primary School is to ensure that all our children have access to a wide variety of resources and experiences to enable them to develop both personally and academically in order to become confident, resilient and independent learners.  As we actively encourage our children to work towards our school value of Ambition, this allows them to leave our school with the drive to succeed as they enter secondary school and sets them up with their aspirations for the future.  We do this, by providing opportunities for them to identify skill sets and character traits within the classroom and by showing them how these can be linked and transferred to wider activities throughout school and the community, both individually and through our value of Collaboration.  We recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that where some children may excel academically, others thrive in more vocational subjects, which is why we give every child the opportunity to discover new interests and talents in order that they can strive to reach their full potential in whichever area they choose (link to wider curriculum).

    Personal development is an integral part of the curriculum at Lord Street and is underpinned by our school value of Respect whereby we recognise the importance of a positive and respectful school culture. We believe that a whole school holistic approach to personal development is the best way to remove barriers to learning, prepare pupils for their adult lives and to teach them to understand how to engage within an ever-changing global society.  Alongside this, we pay particular focus to key areas as part of our Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) programme of study (link), which allows children to have a deeper insight and understanding of issues that may affect their personal, social, and emotional development needs. 

    Throughout the curriculum and within PSHE we encourage and promote children to recognise and address the British Values: - Democracy, the rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.  We also have elected Student Council representatives across the school who ensure that children have the opportunity to voice their opinions in relation to these values.  Through doing this, we prepare our children for the outside world, identifying how they can positively contribute to society and empower them to respond responsibly to the ever-changing cultural influences that face us today.

    We have a strong belief at Lord Street that our children need a safe and inspiring place to learn, where they are respected, their talents are nurtured, and they are able to thrive.  This year we will be continuing our journey to become a UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools which will further embed these goals in daily school life and will give our children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives in order to become responsible, active citizens.  We will be using the four key areas of wellbeing, participation, relationships, and self-esteem; to ensure that the needs of our children are addressed and met.  We believe that the benefits of becoming a Rights Respecting School goes beyond the school gates, making a positive impact on the whole community.  Children are healthier and happier, they feel safe, have better relationships, and become active and involved in school life and the wider world.