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    Lord Street Primary

    Pupil Leadership

    Leadership Programme

    At Lord Street primary school, we want our pupils to play an active and positive role in all aspects of school life. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to lead an initiative or hold a position of responsibility that impacts the school as a whole, so we offer a wide range of leadership roles throughout the school from Key Stage 1, right the way through to upper Key Stage 2. For year 6 children this is part of their personal development and preparation for secondary school.

    The following areas provide opportunities for leadership or responsibility:

    • School Prefects
    • School Council Representatives
    • Librarians
    • Sport Ambassadors
    • Eco Warriors
    • Friendship Buddies
    • Litter Monitors
    • Locker Monitors
    • Playground Monitors
    • Wet Play Monitors

    The Assistant Head works closely with pupils and staff members to develop new projects, arrange events and help the children to contribute to the voice and vision of the school.

    Our pupil leaders contribute to all aspects of school life and our School Council hold half termly meetings and feedback on the content of the meetings to the Senior Leadership Team on a regular basis.

    Leadership Development through our School Values

    We ensure that children are leaders through our school values and as part of our values, we pledge to support our local community. Our whole school approach ensures that we address and embed Ambition, Respect and Collaboration into everything we do. Supporting charities strengthens personal values and introduces children to the importance of generosity therefore, our pupil leaders lead on various projects and we ensure they are involved in the process of planning, delivery and reflection of each venture.

    • Comic Relief is designed and planned by the young leaders. They help to prepare and advertise the event around school and within the community. Our young leaders sell merchandise around school and help to co-ordinate roles and responsibilities and are pivotal to the success of the whole event.
    • Our young leaders have had the opportunity to part take in local and national initiatives such as the Ukraine appeal. They promoted our ‘dress blue and yellow’ theme and collected items that would help many families in Ukraine.
    • Macmillan's Coffee Morning is organised and run by our pupil leaders, from designing posters to selling coffee and cakes on the day.
    • Each year Sport Relief is managed and led by our sports ambassadors who lead the promotion, activities and charity collection. They help to devise whole school competitions and ensure that children all endeavour to take part.
    Pupil Leadership Programme – Roles and Responsibilities

    Head Boy and Head Girl

    At Lord Street primary school, there is a rigorous process for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl which starts in year 5. Children are asked to apply in writing and to prepare a speech on why they are the ideal candidate. Being a Head Boy and Head Girl at Lord Street is a prefect with extra special qualities.

    Along with the duties of a prefect, the Head Boy and Head Girl will be expected to:

    • Represent the School both Internally and Externally
    • Meet with Dignitaries
    • Public Speaking at various events including Parents Evening and Open Evening


    The role of a Prefect is a highly respected and very important one, not only do the younger pupils in the school look to the Prefects as role models but are also pupils who are there to help and support them in many aspects of their school life, but also parents and visitors to the school do too.

    All Prefects will have general responsibilities as part of Lord Street, this would include being part of a daily duty team across the school or support specific areas such as helping to keep the school safe and tidy, supervising younger students, nurturing and supporting KS1 or becoming a warrior for an ECO friendly environment.

    As Prefect, the pupil will:

    • Provide excellent leadership
    • Supervise children during key times in school to maintain the highest standards of discipline
    • Supervise children during assemblies
    • Assist staff at break time and lunchtime
    • Provide playground equipment
    • Support the organisation and delivery of school events such as Parents’ Evenings, induction days and Open Evenings
    • Prepare and support delivery of slots during assemblies
    • Supervise small groups of students
    • Represent the school when appropriate

    What qualities are needed in the student?

    • A passionate belief in the school values of Ambition, Respect and Collaboration
    • Good leadership skills
    • Be an excellent role model
    • Excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour
    • High levels of honesty, behaviour and good language
    • Commitment to serving other people.
    • Willing and able to give up time to contribute to the school.

    Prefect Recruitment begins towards the end of year 5, where pupils respond to the job advert about their qualities.

    School Council

    At Lord Street, our School Council members are a highly valued group of children who represent the voice and opinions of all the children within our school.

    Through our School Council we aim to develop young leadership skills, whilst supporting student democracy. Most importantly, our strong team of Councillors aim to promote the well-being of the children within our inclusive school.

    The School's Council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. The School Council benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers, because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made.

    How the School Council is run

    We have an active School Council with one pupil from each year group EYFS to Year 6. Each member was elected by their classmates at the beginning of the school year following a short presentation explaining why they would be the ideal candidate. The School Council then follows the principles of a democratic society to make decisions.

    The school council is run and led by the children, supported by a member of staff, and takes an active role in making decisions and suggestions on behalf of the children in the school.

    Members of the Council meet half termly, taking part in organising fund-raising events, discussing issues related to the curriculum and taking suggestions from their classmates. The School council also meet with the CEO, John Tarbox and Deputy CEO Lisa Finnegan to input any ideas for the whole Trust. Our School Council had a huge involvement of shaping the Trust values.


    Our aim is promoting a love of reading. We cannot stress enough the importance of reading. Afterall, it is a free magic carpet ride to anywhere in the world. Every child, regardless of age or ability, deserves to be able to access the written word. This is why our school Librarians have to share the same passion for reading.

    Our school Librarians:

    • Handle the procedures of borrowing and returning materials
    • Keep the library tidy
    • Place materials back on the shelves
    • Make announcements
    • Assist in organising reading activities for children
    • Update display boards

    Litter Monitors

    Litter monitors are put in place to ensure the school is kept clean and tidy. Whilst we encourage all children to pick litter up and put it in a bin, our litter monitors are there to make sure the school is looking tidy. By creating a culture that we are proud of our school, the children take great pride in the schools’ appearance.

    Play Monitors

    Our playground monitors assist in the outdoor equipment being taken out and stored away at break time and lunchtime. There is a playground monitor in place from year 1 to year 6. They carry out a daily check to ensure all the equipment is available and in safe, working order.

    Monitors are also allocated with a classroom in the event of a wet play. The monitors will ensure that all wet play equipment is available to use in the classrooms. Monitors get involved in activities and assist in the supervision of smaller children.

    Eco Warriors

    Eco Warriors will be saving energy by making sure they turn out lights not just in their own classroom, but also in rooms where people have left them on and ensuring interactive boards/laptops are switched off when not in use. They also be monitoring recycling and ensure that taps are turned off when not in use.

    Friendship Buddies

    Children in Year 6 are given the role of Gardener, whilst our youngest reception pupils are our Seeds. The children are buddied up at the start of the academic year and our Seeds work in the playground and dining halls helping our EYFS children settle into their new school life. Our Seeds act as positive role models and make a valuable contribution to Lord Street and the skills children learn can provide a solid foundation for becoming responsible adults.