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    Lord Street Primary

    School Uniform

    We are very proud of our uniform and hope the children feel proud of wearing it.

    Winter Summer
    Blue bespoke cardigan / sweatshirt Blue bespoke cardigan / sweatshirt
    Tartan skirt Tartan skirt
    Tartan pinafore Tartan pinafore
    Grey trousers Grey trousers / shorts 
    White shirt (long or short sleeve) White shirt (long or short sleeve) 
    Grey knee socks / grey tights / grey socks Grey knee socks / grey tights / grey socks
    Black school shoes Blue gingham dress 
      Black school shoes

                          Updated PE KIT (September 2024)

    Winter PE Kit     Summer PE Kit
    Navy joggers Navy shorts
    Navy t-shirt Navy t-shirt
    Navy hoodie  

    Ties & Bags

    A tartan tie should be worn by all pupils unless they are wearing a pinafore/summer dress.

    Pupils should also carry a school Book Bag and P.E Bag

    Ties and Bags are available to purchase through the Child at School app and collected from the School Office.


    Jewellery & Accessories

    In the interest of safety, no jewellery is permitted whilst physical activities are taking place. These must be removed by the child for PE, physical development (Reception children) and swimming. No make-up or nail varnish is permitted. If you chose to pierce your child’s ear(s), please do this at the start of the summer holidays.


    Hair styles

    Hair should be neat and tidy with no extreme hairstyles or unnatural colours including streaks and highlights e.g. no Mohicans, tramlines or extreme shaving (unless required for medical purposes) and long hair should be tied back using school colours and accessories that are not excessive (no big bows/clips).



    There are two uniform suppliers available with differing price ranges –

    Moonline, 31-37 Standish Street, Burnley - Click here to visit the website

    The Uniform Shop, 300 Colne Road, Colne (near Asda) - Click here to visit the website