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Making a Complaint

Lord Street is a large school and so from time to time things go wrong. This might be because information hasn't reached parents properly, children have been upset in school by other children or even staff or perhaps a parent is unhappy with some aspect of our work.


I think that this is normal in all schools but we try hard to keep it to a minimum. We have an open door policy (when current Covid restrictions allow!) and so would ask that as soon as a problem arises you contact the class teacher via Class Dojo or one of our senior leaders, via phone or email,  to try to sort it out. Most issues can be resolved quickly and well with a conversation.


If they cannot be then we need to take a more formal approach. It is right that you should be able to tell us when you are unhappy with some aspect of school and that you should expect a reasonable and timely response to your complaint. The link below takes our to the school complaints procedures which outlines how we do this.


Again most problems are resolved quickly through a conversation and complaints are uncommon but if you are not happy then you must tell us either formally or informally depending on the severity of the issue.


School Complaints Procedures