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School Behaviour Expectations


At Lord Street Primary School, we want to create an environment that is safe, where everyone feels respected and where pupils come into each lesson ready to engage in learning.  

We have three rules that we expect from our pupils which are:

• Being Ready • Being Respectful • Being Safe 

All adults in school know that 'when the adult changes, everything changes,' (Paul Dix), so you will see adults that demonstrate: Calmness, humour, empathy, consistency, reflective practice, catching pupils being positive, recognise and praise good conduct publicly, confident with a smile, staff aiming for “win/win situations, de-escalation…  


Adults will use agreed and identified strategies, as outlined in the Behaviour Policy to develop excellent behaviour by all adults consistently applying the following principles in all interactions with pupils: 

  •  IDENTIFY the behaviour we expect  
  • Explicitly TEACH behaviour  
  •  MODEL the behaviour we are expecting  
  • PRACTISE behaviour  
  • NOTICE excellent behaviour  
  • CREATE conditions for excellent behaviour 


We reward positive behaviour and achievement; we teach positive behaviour for learning. We encourage de-escalation, we have consequences, follow up with restorative conversations and we all follow the Lord Street Behaviour Pathway. For more information please read the Behaviour Policy.

 ANTI BULLYING POLICY - Sept 20.pdfDownload
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